Selected Works


Spirits is a third-person telekinetic shooter where you use your psychic powers to rescue your friend who has become infected the dreaded psycho-rabies. Can you save them before the Psycho Police reach them first?

Developed as our capstone project at Sheridan College over the course of 8 months and was a finalist in Toronto's "LevelUp!" showcase.

My Work: 

  • Designed and implemented facets of the game relating to gameplay and game feel

  • Designed and greyboxed the main game level

  • Wrote, developed, and voice-acted game narrative 

  • Planned and ran biweekly playtest sessions

  • Updated and created documentation, flowcharts, and diagrams to visualize and communicate ideas between team members

  • Planned, created, and maintained team schedule

Role: Game Designer & Developer | Dev Time: 8 months | Team Size: 5


Sam the Snowball

Roll around in the snow as Sam the snowball as you grow in size to become the biggest snowball around! Knock over and destroy everything in sight in order to find and save your family members that have become trapped inside snow crystals.

Developed at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (the #1 stroke rehabilitation research centre in the world) using Unreal Engine 4 and robot as a controller.

My Work:

  • Designed, created, and implemented all facets of the game and gameplay

  • Designed gameplay for all accessibility types and levels

  • Adapted third-party hardware (the robot) to work as a game controller

  • Worked alongside occupational therapists to ensure a therapeutic design

  • Created and updated game documentation

Role: Game Designer & Developer | Dev Time: 4 months | Team Size: 2



Shoot and stack sticky cacti, dislodge your friends from the walls and ceiling with bouncy watermelons and knock them into deadly cactus stacks. Watch your cactus tower grow and become a deathtrap as the battle goes on... just be sure to not get knocked into it yourself.

Stacktus was designed and prototyped game jam style over the course of three days. It was decided to take the idea further, and development continued for another 3 weeks.

My Work

  • Designed and implemented cactus mechanic

  • Designed and implemented facets of game UI

  • Designed and created 3 game levels

  • Created and updated documentation throughout development

Role: Game Designer & Developer | Dev Time: 1 month | Team Size: 5

What Mario Learned from Mickey Mouse

A 66-page deep dive investigating how the worlds of

Super Mario Odyssey are designed like a Disney Theme Park. This paper studies the techniques established by Disney's Imagineers and interprets their lessons through an analysis of the many worlds of Super Mario Odyssey.

This paper was fully studied, analysed, and written by me.

Published on Gamasutra


  • Studies how the Imagineers use the tools of color, architecture and metrics, weenies, characters, and visual storytelling to build a cohesive world

  • Analyses 10 sections of different worlds within Super Mario Odyssey and compares how the game applied the tools and techniques of Disney's Imagineers


About Me

Hey there! 

My name is Aaron. I'm a lively game designer who graduated with Honours in the Bachelor of Game Design program at Sheridan College, with experience as a game designer & developer at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute making games for stroke rehabilitation.

I believe the best way to design a game is to always have fun creating. I strive for novel forms of fun within my designs and take each project as an opportunity to learn. I am always collaborating with my peers in order to discover new angles and ways of thinking, while still extending my hand to them wherever I can.

When I am not making games I love to cook, explore the outdoors, collect old video-games, or read a good horror or fantasy novel.

I am currently looking for a job opportunity where I am able to help in creating something unique and grow as a designer. If you think I'm a good fit for you, send me a message.

Fun Facts

  • I went to a performing arts high school and took part in 2 plays and 2 musicals

  • I build elaborate croquet courses in my yard every summer

  • I main Donkey Kong in Super Smash Bros. 

  • I love to read and collect Stephen King novels

  • I love theme parks and waterslides